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The 6ND430 is a 6 inch neodymium woofer designed for low frequency reproduction in 2-way systems or multiway systems where both low weight and high intelligibility are required. The speaker has been specifically designed for compact reflex enclosures where high quality low-bass and mid frequencies are required such as studio monitoring applications. It is also currently used in line array or multiway systems with excellent results. The extremely powerful external neodymium magnet assembly assures high flux concentration, low power compression and excellent heat exchange. The levels of force factor and power handling are, as a consequence, at a top professional level with an optimum power to weight ratio. A consistent heat transfer is guaranteed by the encapsulation of the magnetic structure in the interior of the basket, offering a large contact space between the back plate and the dissipating structure. Particular effort was given to the surround shape and material design in order to minimise the resonances on mid range frequencies. The new design, realised with specified rubber based material density, offers a consistent dampening to typical bell modes. The 45 mm voice coil is made from a light-weight aluminum wire and assures linearity and high power handling. A proprietary humidity-block cone treatment makes the transducer suitable for outdoor use in adverse weather conditions. In addition, a special coating applied to both the top and back plates makes the 6ND430 far more resistant to the corrosive effects of salts and oxidization.

92,5 dB SPL 1W / 1m average sensitivity
45 mm (1,77 in) aluminum voice coil
200 W AES power handling
Neodymium motor assembly
Weather protected cone
Improved heat dissipation via unique basket design
Ideal for compact two way and multiway systems

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